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Overview of joy

Joy was founded in 2016 by Vishal Joshi, Michael Bach, and Kaiwalya Kher to make the wedding planning process easier.

After Michael’s sister expresses her frustration with the limitations and difficulties of planning her own wedding, the three decide that a custom wedding website is an answer for her and thousands of others.

They then set about designing Joy, a wedding website and planning service available to anyone around the world.

Initially, the brand offered web design at its San Francisco, California headquarters, but later introduced useful layout and organization features. Their services are also available as easy-to-use and visually appealing apps.

Before diving into what a planning service is, this Joy Wedding Planner review will give a quick overview of the highlights:


  1. It offers many different features to help you plan your wedding (invitations, guest list, registration, etc.)
  2. Completely free service
  3. Users can add multiple administrators to facilitate planning
  4. Fully customizable website
  5. Provides a convenient application
  6. Positive user reviews
  7. Caring customer service team
  8. It can be accessed all over the world Membership Review

Once you become a member, you will have access to all of Joy’s useful planning and organizing features. When you log in for the first time, you will be taken to your admin dashboard where you will see 3 main categories:

  1. website
  2. planning
  3. Card

In each of these categories, you’ll make exciting choices. Let’s take a closer look at what your website can do.

you will have the opportunity

Design Editing – Tweak your website’s design until it’s unique to you. Change layouts, themes, color schemes, and messages
Add a Photo – Add a personal touch to your wedding website by uploading a photo of you and your partner. You can customize images for each page
Edit Pages – There are a total of 9 potential pages for your website (Home, RSVP, Date, Calendar, Travel, Q&A, Wedding, History, Guests, and Moments), but you may find that you don’t need all of them. You can hide or rearrange pages at your own discretion

Now that your website is lined up and in good shape, you might need some help from the planning department.

Joy helps you plan your wedding by managing:

Guest List – This service will walk you through setting up a Joy Guest List, keeping track of important details such as where each guest is seated, what they are eating, and whether they are attending Add.

RSVP – This service makes it easier to know who came, who brought it, and what they ate. It lets you ask specific questions you need to know when planning your big day

Wedding Insurance – Many couples lose thousands in savings and are never seen again. Joy has partnered with one of the biggest names in wedding insurance to cover you just in case.

Registry – People want to bring you wedding gifts. To steer them in the right direction, recordings will certainly come in handy. Joy History lets you load an existing store into another store, shop online and add items to a list or start a checkout

You know who you want to invite, but now you need to send the invitation. Joy Wedding Planning

Review loves this brand of cards and all their features:

SAVE THE DATE – This journal reminds guests that a wedding is coming up. You’ll send these messages at least 8 months in advance, giving people plenty of time to pick a date and make other plans based on it.

Joy provides an online date-saver tool to help you create and send memos to your uploaded guest list. They also have paper partners that you can use to send physical backup cards if you prefer.

You can also track card deliveries to see when people receive and open them.

Wedding Invitations – Invitations are personal and require great attention to detail. Create Joy wedding invitations online using the service’s pre-designed formats, making it easy to upload your information and photos and send them to your guests.

Manage your wedding plan

Joy is the best platform to manage your wedding. Joy has many features like card creation, online cards to send your fav persons for an invitation, they can send gifts on that online page, and you can buy more things on the joy registry.

Add a registry put your address and get it on your doorstep

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